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Payment Policy

Payment is due the day of service. If this is not possible, please provide payment within five (5) days of service to avoid a service charge.

Cancellation Policy

We are setting aside time especially for you to perform the services you ordered.  If you need to change your order, including work performed or the day performed, please give us no less than 24 hours advance notice.

If you need to cancel, please give us at least 24 hours advance notice.

Same day cancellations will be subject to a $95 cancellation fee.

Our Guarantee

Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with our service.  If you are not, please call us within the first 24-48 hours of cleaning (the sooner the better), and we will return to touch up, as needed, any areas you are unhappy with FREE OF CHARGE. However, if additional services are needed, such as a subsurface treatment that was not performed initially, there will be a charge for that additional service.


MasterClean of Mt. Juliet will be performing the work specified in a professional manner using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results due to the condition and nature of the article being cleaned.  The following conditions are some of the more commonly encountered ones for which we disclaim liability and for which the customer agrees not to hold us responsible:

The nature of some spots make it impossible to restore original color or texture.  At times a spot will appear to be even visible after general cleaning of the material. Spotting on rust, cosmetics, liquor, ink, coffee, tea, vomit, urine, feces, and the like is performed at the customer’s risk because 100% removal of spots is not guaranteed.


  1. Carpeting by nature has certain permanent characteristics (fluffing, blooming, pile shading) that cannot be changed and may even be exaggerated when cleaned. 

  2. The color fastness of fabric, leather, or other materials depends on the material and the dyes used in the manufacturing.  After testing such materials, we will advise the customer regarding the adverse effect which may result due to the cleaning process.

  3. Backing, lining, and other materials and processes used in the manufacturing of carpeting and furniture may produce adverse results when the article is cleaned. There is no way to determine, prior to cleaning, if such results will occur.

  4. The customer will not hold the company responsible for color fading due to light, age, weak or deteriorated material/fiber.

Safety Policies

The Hot Water Extraction Method will be performed on your carpet. Until it is completely dry, stepping on the carpet, as well as stepping from the carpet onto the hard surface floors, can be slippery or hazardous. Please use caution. 


Additionally, please be aware that due to the nature of the truck mount based cleaning, there will be hoses in your home for the duration of the visit that will require you and others to exercise extra caution, and agree to hold MasterClean of Mt. Juliet and its representatives harmless and free from any and all liability.


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